What Should I Eat For Lunch to Lose Weight

Healthy Choices to Eat for Lunch for Extra Energy

For most people, chowing down on a ham sandwich while sitting at your desk might seem like a good idea to try and squeeze a little bit more productivity out of your day. But, according to experts, taking a little bit of time out to plan what you’re going to eat on your lunch break might be a wiser thing to do and will result in more energy and more productivity later throughout the day.

Studies have shown that our brains need roughly 25 grams of glucose circulating in our blood for it to perform at it’s optimal level. Of course, you can get that much glucose from eating almost any type of food. Still, that doesn’t mean that eating two chocolate chip cookies will do you as good as eating a big bowl of salad.
what should i eat for lunch to lose weight

In the short-term, there’s practically no difference between in our brains as to where it gets that sugar. However, over the course of a typical 8-hour work day, the differences are staggering. When we eat sweets such as a cookie or a donut, our bodies release glucose into our blood stream extremely quickly. This typically gives us about 20-30 minutes of alertness before our glucose levels crash rapidly and our brains are left foggy and unfocused.

That’s why the best idea to try and choose foods that release glucose at much slower rates. This means that your glucose levels will remain constant for longer periods of time and your brain will be more focused and more productive. With that being said, what are the best foods to eat during your lunch break that won’t leave you in a haze? Keep reading and find out.

What Can I Eat for Lunch to Help Me Lose Weight?

• A Big Bowl of Salad and Then Some

It’s no secret that salads are one of the healthier choices when it comes to deciding what to eat for lunch. But, if you’re looking to take your regular bowl of salad and turn it into brain food, think about adding something substantial to it such as an egg. Egg yolks are a substantial source of choline which has been proven to boost cognition by increasing the speed at which your neurons communicate.

Other types of salad such as seafood or cobb salad are also great choice when looking for a quick and tasty brain-boosting meal.

• Consider Pairing Things with Nuts and Yogurt

We all crave something crunchy to nibble on to go with our salad or sandwich. But, you should think twice before grabbing that bag of chips from the back of your desk drawer. Instead, grab a yogurt or crunch on some nuts. Yogurt is known to produce neurotransmitters when consumed and will improve the response rate of your neurons. Moreover, pairing this with a handful of nuts (particularly walnuts) will give help to naturalize the glucose levels in your blood.
what should i eat for lunch on a diet

What Can I Eat for Lunch While on A Diet?

• Garbanzo Beans: The Magical Fruit
Chickpeas are the ultimate brain food because they balance high levels of protein which works to keep you alert, with an abundance of carbohydrates which give your brain the fuel it needs to perform at its best. And, since the carbs are digested at a slower pace, chickpeas provide you with long-lasting energy that keeps you more focused.

You can even try having some hummus along with a few veggies. Hummus is loaded with calcium, fiber, protein, iron and heart-healthy fats that prevent your glucose levels from spiking.
what should i eat for lunch Garbanzo Beans
• Healthy Sandwiches from Home
Eating something delicious for lunch doesn’t mean that you need to order something fancy. You can easily make sandwiches at home that will properly fuel your brain throughout the day.

Opt for choices such as whole wheat breads and get crafty with your fillings. Instead of your usually mayonnaise, try things like adding pesto or avocados to your sandwiches. Also, try not to overfill your sandwich with meats and cheeses, and, don’t forget the veggies!

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