Can I Drink A Protein Shake Before Bed?

Protein shakes are a top choice of bodybuilders and athletes as they are said to promote weight loss, build muscle, and improve the body’s overall condition. Although not a dietary necessity, these shakes can bring several benefits to an individual’s health. Up to date research has shown the best time to drink a protein shake is before bed.

Protein Shake Before Bed To Lose Weight

If you are considering a weight loss plan, having a protein shake in the evening could help you reach your goal. However, one should pay attention to their daily calorie intake as ingesting more calories than what the body requires can achieve the opposite result. A good idea is adjusting your intake in order to supplement correctly.

Protein acts as a metabolism booster, which in return helps your body burn calories and lose weight. According to recent studies, 40 grams of protein is the necessary amount to promote muscle growth, and equals 160 calories. When mixed with juices, a protein shake could quickly reach 300 calories or more. A small study conducted on 11 individuals in 2013 by Melissa Majumdar, MS, and published in the British Journal of Nutrition, has shown protein shakes as having positive effects on weight loss. The study discovered protein is synthesized better during sleep, which helps with both building muscle and weight loss.
drinking protein shake before bed

Based on a 2000 calorie diet, subtracting the 160 to 300 allows individuals to plan their meals more efficiently and thus achieve the results they need. In 2015, Nutrients published an article claiming a protein shake is best combined with nutrient rich foods that do not exceed 200 calories.

Whey Protein Shake Before Bed

Protein was discovered to work best when consumed alone, in powder shape. Having a protein shake instead of dinner is advised by Majumdar, as the body uses more energy to digest this macronutrient. Along with that, studies discovered that women who are overweight do not feel as hungry during the morning hours after consuming a protein shake before bed. If you had a busy day with not enough time to eat, a shake could act like a meal replacement and provide your body with the needed energy.

An individual’s lifestyle and caloric requirements should also be taken into consideration. Younger males and athletes burn calories faster and thus an extra 300 calories does not make much difference. However, the number could quickly add up for the average person with a slower metabolism and an overall sedentary lifestyle.

Casein Protein Shake Before Bed

Research has shown that most of the body’s recovery takes place during sleep, including nerve and muscle repair. Protein shakes aid in this recovery bu enhancing the body’s ability to repair itself. Studied published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition back in 2008 have proven that individuals consuming a protein shake before sleep feel more energetic in the morning.
Casein protein shake before bed
Protein offers an amino acids boost, which promotes calorie burn even while sleeping. These calories are used for muscle recovery, which results in increased physical strength and less fat deposits. Your body will not use muscle cells for energy and gives them the chance to maintain and grow in the long run.

Individuals who have a weight loss goal are recommended to mix their protein powder with water instead of milk. This cuts down the number of calories while still providing the full health benefits of the shake.

The same study from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted the health benefits casein has over whey protein. Casein was proven to provide a stronger energy boost, while whey’s effects were found to be more similar to those of carbs. Whey is being processed much faster, however casein has a slower burn rate which requires an entire night.

In the end, deciding what type of protein is the right one varies according to personal preferences. Overall, a protein shake before bed can be a helpful tool in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

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